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Food Service Program

Posted Date: 06/29/2023

Food Service Personnel
Marie Briggs, Director
Marlene Boyd

Beth Miller
Darla Miller

Lunch Prices

Grades K-5 Students $3.40
Grades 5-12 Students $3.75
Adults $4.75
Extra Milk

Breakfast Prices

Grades K-5 Students $2.25
Grades 6-12 Students $2.30
Adults $2.65
Extra Milk .50¢

School Food Service Policy
No food or drink items will be sold to or provided for students prior to or during the designated lunchtime except school lunch items or lunch items prepared and brought from home.  Carbonated beverages, candy and other “junk food” items as specified by the Competitive Food Regulations of the USDA, National School Lunch Program, are prohibited from the school lunchroom.  The exchange of food is not allowed due to health and sanitation reasons.

USDA Restricted Food
Carbonated beverages, candy and other “junk food” items as specified by the USDA All Foods Sold in School Standards are prohibited from the school lunch room.

Breakfast will be scheduled for students from 7:30 – 7:45 am.  Students wishing to eat breakfast will pick up the food items from the serving line and eat them in the cafeteria.  Food is not to be taken down the south hallway.  Payment for breakfasts will be arranged through the cafeteria.

A closed lunch period will be in effect for the school year.  Lunch will be scheduled for students on a staggered basis. Each teacher will explain these procedures to his/her students.  The lunch period should be enjoyable and a time for relaxing.  Those students not wishing to purchase a lunch at school may carry their lunch and must eat it in the cafeteria area.  Payment for lunches will be arranged through the cafeteria.  After you have eaten, your teacher will instruct you when it is time to return to class. Please do not disturb those who are in class.  Students are not to leave the building during lunch except to the courtyard and front area.

Lunch Room Procedures
Skyline School utilizes an automated lunchroom accounting system, which automatically deducts the amount owed for lunches and milk as students go through the lunch line.  It is requested that students pay for food and milk by the month.  This automated system is designed to produce a payment reminder when a student’s prepaid account gets low.  Students eating a school prepared lunch must follow the procedures listed below.

1.  Every student eating a school prepared lunch or purchasing milk must have a lunch card.  Students who lose or deface their cards will have to purchase a new one prior to the start of the lunch period.  The replacement cost will be $2.00.

2.  Students are not allowed to charge lunches or use another student’s lunch card.  Three separate warning statements are given to students as their account balance approaches zero.  It is the student’s responsibility to take these statements home and bring payment when it is due.

3.  Students will not carry their lunch cards.  MS/HS student’s cards will be on a board.  When students arrive at the cafeteria, they will take their lunch cards and hand it to the cashier.  Students that don’t have money in their account can borrow from the office for a limited time.

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