For Students: 

Instead of paying my child's/children's school fees in full at this time, I agree to the following payment schedule and promise to make these payments by the 30th of each month.  Should I fail to make these payments as agreed, I understand that Skyline School will add $2.00 per month if I owe the school more than $50 for school fees and no payment is made.  In addition, in the event Skyline School prevails in a lawsuit to collect on this note, I agree to pay Skyline School's attorney fees in an amount the Court finds to be just and reasonable.


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Dear Parent:

This letter is authorization for you to pay your child's fees as follows:


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I agree to pay the fees as stated above. (Must be completed in full)


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It is the policy of USD #438 to use the State Setoff Program to collect all delinquent fees that are not paid.  The Kansas Department of Administration will pursue various avenues to collect the funds owed.