Dear Parents/Guardians.

We wish to emphasize that the school district does not provide health or accident insurance for injuries incurred by your child at school, except for extremely limited, high deductible coverage for middle and high school students involved in certain school activities.

Skyline is making available accident insurance through the Student Assurance Services, Inc.  If you have a plan with a high deductible, or limited benefits, or if you have no other insurance on your child, we encourage you to review this student insurance program.  This plan will provide benefits for medical expenses incurred because of an accident.  Skyline does not endorse this plan above any others that might be available.  This is a policy that we have found offering coverage for most of the school’s activities.  This does not imply an endorsement for the quality of coverage.  The summary of coverage is outlined below and there is also a brochure available which explains the policy in more detail.

In making application for this coverage, please read the explanation of coverage carefully.  The following instructions apply:
1. Print name, address and other information clearly on information.
2. Make check or money order payable to Student Assurance Services, Inc.
3. Detach and retain summary of coverage, and return the application to school within 5 days.
4. Questions about the plan may be directed to Jim Lock or Paul Lock,
Student Assurance Services, Inc. P.O. Box 3126, Lawrence, KS  66046,
by phone (785)748-0870 or (800)520-9909.
For claims, call toll free (800)328-2739.

Please sign this attached INSURANCE WAIVER FORM and return to the school for our records.   It must be signed and returned to the school prior to the student’s participation in school-sponsored activities.

Becca Flowers